We are currently upgrading our app to reflect the new KTM Komuter Trial Route effective 15 Dec 2015.

*Train times currently displayed may not be accurate until an upgrade is completed.


If youre one of the lucky people who possesses wheels to get them from point A to point B, well, congratulations! If not, then you will find yourself constantly at the mercy of Malaysias public transport system to get to the destination you want. Consequently, it is imperative that you organize your time well in order not to waste valuable time always waiting for your train. One of the most widely used modes of public transportation is the KTM Komuter train that provides rides to over 46.957 million passengers annually. All the commuters main concern when choosing a transport system is to obtain a secure, fast and reliable means of getting around the city which is where the KL Transit mobile app comes in handy.

KTM Timetable On-the-Go

The KL Transit app helps to ease the lives of the masses by displaying relevant, important information with just a few taps. This app provides you with the latest, most updated KTM timetables so that KTM commuters can go on their day-to-day travels with no fuss and hassle. Of course, you might be asking, is there any need for me to actually clutter up my phone with another app when I can view the timetable from KTMBs official website? You can definitely do so but once you click on the link which will open up a PDF file, you will find that the print is small, rendering it rather hard to read especially when you are on the go. Check out the routes in the links below and see for yourself:

Besides, in the website, they have separated the routes into several different links, which can be annoying if you want to check a few stations from different lines at the same time. Whereas on the KL Transit app, you can scroll and choose the stations you want regardless of the route in just a few seconds where the information is displayed clearly, making it a painless process.

Because we are such busy creatures with so much going on in our lives, naturally we tend to be a bit forgetful or lost track of the time. This might all seem well and good, if you have extra time to spare or nothing else planned. However, if youre meant to be catching a train, losing track of time is a big no-no. Keeping this in mind, the KL Transit mobile app has been developed with an extra little feature that makes sure you will not be missing another train again. The KTM timetable app not only comes with all the departure times of the trains, but also with an option to set a reminder that will sound an alert 15 minutes before the selected time of departure, leaving you time to rush to the station to board your ride.

Check Important Information

Another feature that time-starved people will love is that the app also tells you how long will it take for the next immediate train to arrive, giving you time to prepare yourself if you decide to take that particular train. Want to plan your trip days or even weeks in advance? Just switch the date to the one that you want on the little calendar tab at the top and it will show you that particular days list of departure times which means you have the luxury of arranging your schedule to the preferred time.

KTMB has also undertaken to review their ticket fares which resulted in a totally restructured fare system that was effective from December 2015. This action has caused much uproar and confusion from users of the rail system as prices were hiked up and different types of discounts were given based on different paying methods namely cash, cashless, weekly or monthly. To minimize confusion, KL Transit mobile app will display the ticket prices for the cash and cashless paying method when you choose your departing and arrival station. Now you can compare prices easily within stations and prepare your fare before buying your ticket, thereby reducing queue time and making the ticket purchasing process smoother and faster.

No Time Wasted

As the saying goes, time is money, thus this totally free KTM timetable mobile app helps you save valuable time that could be easily wasted when waiting for the next train to arrive. Readily available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, get smart when using the KTM Komuter and managing your travelling time will be a piece of cake. Just search for KL Transit and download it for stress-free travelling as you navigate one of Malaysias oldest and widest railway operators effortlessly. No more worrying about being late for your next appointment as you know exactly when the next train will arrive leaving you with plenty of time to spare to get from point A to point B. Dont wait anymore, download the free mobile app now and experience for yourself how it makes a difference to your daily commute.

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