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The KTM Komuter is no doubt a household name in Malaysia, being one of the most popular rail services run by Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) which provides passengers with safe and convenient transport to their destinations in Klang Valley and its surrounding areas since the year 1995. Gradually, this service has expanded to the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia, namely Kedah, Perak and Pulau Pinang in 2015 after the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrification and Double-Tracking Project was finished. For passengers comfort, every coach comes equipped with air conditioning. A notable addition to the trains are the Ladies Coach, which is designed to allow female passengers a safe and stress free journey without the fear of sexual harassment and pick pocketing.

KTM Price Hike

Up until November 2015, KTM Komuter fares have remain unchanged since February 2003. However, there was a recent fare restructuring which resulted in a not insignificant price increase that was implemented in December 2015. The reason for the price surge? Based on comments by KTM Berhad (KTMB) president, Lt Col (Rtd) Sarbini Tijan, he reported that the decision was made mainly due to the escalating maintenance and operating expenditures. One of these costs stem from the purchase of spare parts, which had risen considerably, due to the depreciation of the ringgit. Besides, he also mentioned that the increase was used to cover the greater than before electricity tariff rates that has burdened KTMB.

With the new structure, users have seen KTM ticket prices showing an increase of up to an additional RM7.10 which has affected the Tanjung Malim-Sungai Gadut line as well as the Batu Caves-Port Klang line. In the past, the fare was calculated on the basis of 11 cents per kilometre, but with the new structure, the price will be upped to 15 cents per kilometre. However, Datuk Nawawi Ahmad, KTMBs chairman has stated that they are still incurring losses even with the additional 4 cents per kilometre that was approved by the government. The optimal train fares for KTMB to break even would be 20 cents per kilometre. This price difference of 9 cents has caused them to sustain losses of approximately RM100 million per annum. Another reason for the increase is the company has also decided that they do not want to fully depend on subsidies from the government as well.

New Fare Structure

Users who frequently utilize KTMs services to travel inter-city will be pleased to find that the fares for these routes will not be altered as the price hikes will only be implemented on the KTM Komuter routes within Klang Valley. As a concession, KTM Komuter has decided to provide special benefits and discounts to help with the increased cost of the train service. Students will find that they can enjoy a 50% discount on train fares while frequent users will discover that purchasing weekly and monthly tickets will allow them to save up to 30% on their fares. To encourage travellers to go cashless, passengers who choose to swipe their Touch n Go cards will get a rebate of 20% off their fare.

The implementation of these new fare structures can be rather confusing to the average commuter, thus, KTM has created a breakdown chart of the various fares using different paying methods which are available on their website. However, users will find that when they click on the link to display the chart, the print is very small and rather unclear especially when they try to track down their preferred routes in the chart. It can be rather frustrating to determine the actual fare especially on the smaller screens of your mobile devices. It is at this moment that the KL Transit KTM timetable app comes to the rescue. Proudly displaying a user-friendly interface where users can easily select which station they will be departing and arriving from, once selected, the prices will automatically appear with the various scheduled times as well. And one of the best thing about this? The prices shown are both the fares for cash and cashless payment, so you dont have to waste time looking at two different charts. You can check ticket prices for different payment methods namely cash, cashless (Touch n’ Go), weekly, monthly and concession.

Travel Smart

Another main benefit of the KL Transit app is that the KTM ticket prices are accessible right at your fingertips, hence you can check the train schedule and fares anytime, anywhere you want. This makes it convenient for you to gauge how much you will need to shell out for your commute. Frequently missing your train? Set a reminder for the train that you want to catch and an alert will sound 15 minutes before the train is slotted to arrive at the station, leaving you ample time to get to the train station. All you have to do is download the KL Transit mobile app on your smart phone for free and planning your daily commute just got easier. If youre an iOS or Android user, this nifty KTM timetable app is already available for download on your device in the Google Play store and App Store. ?Travel like a smart commuter with this app that lets you manage your KTM Komuter fares and train waiting times like a pro.

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