KTM Schedule App: Solving The Main Problem for KTM Customers

KL Transit lets you conveniently browse all KTM train departure times. Select your train stations and get reminded 15 minutes before your train arrives so you don’t miss it!

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KL Transit Mobile Apps

A truly historical transport system dating back to the British Colonial Era, the KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) today is Malaysia’s main railway operator, catering to over 100,000 commuters daily. One of the main concerns faced by the railway is the infrequency of intercity trains which renders them less competitive than other modes of public transport. As passengers are uncertain of the KTMs timetable, many choose not to use the transport system and instead look for other alternatives.

Introducing the all-new KL Transit mobile app, created by SearchGuru and exclusively for users of the KTM to help frustrated passengers with this issue. This app provides you with the latest KTM train
schedules for precision travel planning by taking advantage of how information is now acquired by the masses.

Convenient & Time-Saving

Users will find that utilizing this handy app means that planning your daily commute will be a breeze
with all the pertinent information right at your fingertips. They will be able to readily access all the upcoming departure times of KTM train schedules for various stations up to the last train of the day.

Besides, the rapid pace of today’s world means that time should no longer be wasted on waiting and with the aid of this KTM app, it helps you to achieve that. Unpunctuality and tardiness will also be a thing of the past as you can now plan your trip well in advance. Arrange your personal schedule with ease and board the train with peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day journey.

Usage & Functionality

A notable feature in the app is the option to set a reminder that will alert you 15 minutes before the train arrives so that you will be sure not to miss it. Simply click the Bell icon next to the time that you want to be reminded and you will be alerted. Users of the KTM app will find that you can select the date, preferred departure and arrival stations for the desired departure times. After doing so, click the Check button and all the relevant departure times will be shown so you know which train you need to catch. The main display shows the next immediate departure time and minutes left until it arrives plus the fare for an adult or child.

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View live train status details that were reported by users.

Help your community by reporting the status of the trains

No Payment Needed & Absolutely Free

Best of all, this mobile app is totally free for both Android and iOs users which is now readily available for download in the Google Play store and App Store. No transaction is required and you dont have to pay anything for the KL Transit KTM timetable free app. All you have to do is search for KL Transit on your smartphones mobile store, click to download apps and youre good to go. It has a clean, neat and user-friendly interface that serves up all the information you need in an instant so that you wont miss your train again. Be a smart commuter and download this free app now to make your life easier.

Download KL Transit from Google Play
Download KL Transit on the App Store